Kindergarten :

Good luck public school puts its extra effort in kindergarten section so that our Tiny tots don’t feel uncomfortable to be here in school . They enjoy school atmosphere as well as their teacher’s behavior So much that they feel as they are in their mother’s lap.


Good Luck Public school has adopted the method for them “Learning by doing and Playing”

Their class rooms are equipped with all kinds of toys and objects which child finds as a source of enjoyment. Smart class is used to provide them knowledge full of life. They indulge so much without knowing it that they are being taught they learn. They are taught in practical way. Art and craft is an integral part of learning process. A child centered method allows the child to develop at his/her lots . He/She learns to adjust to the school environment without any difficulty. On every wall of this section cartoons animals , Fairies are drawn which seem to be full of life . Our Tiny tots indulge in this automatically and this became integral part of Good luck public school. Drawing competition , Rhymes reciting competition , dance competition and other enjoyable competition are held among them to arise healthy competitive feeling among them. As we are aware If foundation is firm than building will also be strong worthy and ever lasting so we leave no stone unturned to culcate good habits in our younger . we treat them as a potter treats with his pot we try to resolve even a slightest problem with them .